Picture Sustainability Poster Contest Voting Form for the 2020 Crop
Voting Opens 10 am February 19th and closes at Midnight April 15th.  Winner to be announced on Earth Day 2020
How to vote:
  1. Look at all the posters.  
  2. Choose your favorite 2.  (Or give 2 votes to your hands down favorite, remember to write down the poster number.)  
  3. When you have decided on your favorite(s) vote for them
  4. Enter your name on the green line below
  5. Enter your email address on the green line below
  6. TYPE Poster Contest in the subject line on the green line below
  7. Enter your votes in the message section 
  8. Click the Black Send Button--great, you voted.  You should get a confirmation email in a few days that your votes were recorded
  1. I vote for poster number 8 and 21  
  2. Enter 2 votes for poster number 3, thanks.   
  3. Posters 2 and 7 rock!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, these students are talented!!!!!                           

Contact us form AND Poster voting ballot--just like permacutlure, stacking uses.  Please use the subject line for

donations or to volunteer for an open position, thanks.

Link to FREE Transition Handbook can be accessed via the url pasted below   http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~sme/CSC2600/transition-handbook.pdf