Sustainable SCF Student Sustainability Poster Contest

2016 Fall Sustainability Poster Contest Open
Entrants accepted until midnight Thanksgiving eve.

Make sure you include poster contest in the subject line of the inquiry to this site.

Sponsored by Transition Venice

   $100 1st Prize   $50 2nd Prize

             so far....if you have in interest in donating prizes  Or  if you want to ask local folks to add to the prize pot, help us fundraise to get them framed, etc.  Or have or know of a venue to display the posters let us know, thanks.

Posters that are entered will be used for educational, outreach, and possibly fundraising efforts.  Calendars, postcards and public display of the art is possible.  By submitting a poster you are agreeing to give your creation to Transition Venice, thank you.

Fall 2015 Sustainability Poster Contest Winners
Ashley McGuire-1st Prize
Dakotah Cranford 2nd Prize