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Recent  Donations

We do have some money that we could use to help support a person that is actively "doing" transition type activities or events. 

We especially encourage humans under 25 to apply for funding for their project or idea.

To apply follow these directions, EXACTLY.

1. Write an email to: veniceisready@gmail.com   Make sure you cc it to this email address:   agageatgm@gmail.com

2. Write HELP in the subject line

3. Write at least 4 full and complete well thought out  sentences. (Yes, capital letters start sentences and periods end them.)The sentences should describe your transitional project idea.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your time and attention.

Truly a thousand plus thanks to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Venice's (UUCOV) Green Sanctuary Team for their continued support
2 womens bicycles, storage stand, car rack and tire pump, Wow!!!!Bonnie Jo, Thanks!!!!!
We can discuss how to best use this kind donation at the first pot luck of the season, which will be scheduled soon.  Anyone want to take the lead on organizing it?  Contact us via this site or through veniceisready@gmail.com
Make sure you write POT LUCK in the subject line.  Yum, I can't wait.

Cleaning out the account.         

Due to no longer having a 501C3 (non profit) tax status we need to close the account at the Achieva Credit Union.  We plan to use the majority of the $3,540.14 to fund solar panels for the Venice Public Library.  We will be at the Chamber of Commerce Nov 13, 2018 for the Light up the Library fundraising event.

Donations of time, skills, land, other useful items such as bicycles and of course money greatly appreciated.