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Koizumi invites him to her high school graduation ceremony as her date and her parents allow it. On the way to the ceremony, the party is caught in a downpour and Atsushi breaks his leg. The two end up having a friendly but platonic relationship. Over the course of their relationship, Koizumi notices a tall man making a play for her friend Sasahara Risa and after learning that Risa has a crush on Atsushi the two girls fall out, causing Koizumi to have a falling out with Atsushi and to give up her dreams of studying abroad, but later reconcile and have their first kiss. Atsushi starts to pay more attention to Koizumi, but in the end the two are too different and she is able to forget him. While Koizumi is happy and feeling relaxed she notices that Atsushi is getting worse and worse. Koizumi is sent away for a while due to some issues, where she meets the tall Manaka Maki, who later becomes her love interest. After a while she returns to the hospital and Atsushi tells her about his dreams. She feels that he is getting better and they are going out. During their first date, Koizumi is shocked to see Manaka Maki and gets jealous. Atsushi later apologizes to Koizumi about this and they both begin to date again, but both feel that they are nothing more than friends. They eventually break up due to the shyness of Maki and the conflicting feelings of Koizumi. When Maki suffers from an illness, she tells Atsushi to be with Koizumi, and the two of them share a passionate kiss. Atsushi, however, later finds that Koizumi has decided that she wants nothing to do with him. As a result, he breaks up with her in his favorite chair, where they share a tearful goodbye. Atsushi promises to never lie to Koizumi. The two start to distance from each other and Atsushi starts to get depressed. Atsushi is invited to attend a certain party, where he finds out about a video game called Hitomi created by his friend Hiruma, who had originally intended to show it to him. After discussing the game with Hiruma, he is invited to test it, but the game turns out to be completely different than what he was expecting. Instead of being a game about violence, it turns out to be a game which is meant to




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Free Download Lovely Complex Movie Eng Sub sadzlyv
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