Venice High School to enter posters for the end of the 2017-18 school year
Get ready to vote for your favorites!!!
 Student Tyler made the flyer announcing the Practical Permaculture class
Contest voting instructions and rules
​Write POSTER CONTEST   in the subject line of the Contact Us form.
Scroll down to see the fabulous images.  
Choose 2 and vote.
How to vote:
  1. Look at all the posters.  
  2. Choose your favorite 2.  Or give 2 votes to your hands down favorite, remember or write down the poster number.  
  3. When you have decided on your favorite(s) go to the More button and choose the Contact Us form from the drop down choices.  
  4. Write Poster Contest in the subject line
  5. Enter your votes in the message section 
  6. Send
  1. I vote for poster number 8 and 21  1 vote for each, thanks.
  2. Enter 2 votes for poster number 3, thanks.                               
The Sustainability Poster contest .  So....How would you "Picture Sustainability"???  That's the guideline.  Use your imagination to create a picture to explain, teach, visualize, promote, explain, apply, act out, explore and perhaps encourage, exhort and excite folks to sustainable solutions and actions. Your entry helps support the efforts of Transition Venice, thanks.

To see a sample of what the students at SCF created in 2016 go to this link